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Distribution of construction
products and materials

Distribution is undergoing a great change due to the technological demands of customers.

Distribution market

The distribution of building products and materials is of paramount importance in the rapid execution of a construction project. Speed is everything. To achieve this, customers look to distributors to provide them with greater predictability. If they haven’t already, they will demand real-time interconnection of price lists and product availability. Companies that provide this value will take the lead over the competition. Atoom ERP’s tools are developed for this kind of collaboration.


Atoom ERP caters to two types of distributor in construction


Distributor with installation

Distributor without installation

Atoom ERP manages distributor needs

Management and automation of requests for proposals

Management and automation of addenda versioning

Creation of bids per model

Management and automation of different types of payments

Management of the reception of directives (extras and deficiencies)

Management and visualisation of inventory (multi-warehouse)

Multiple project management

Automation of the management of deductions

Automation of the CCQ payroll

Distribution of workers on site

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